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This was written as I took stock of myself, and who I was.  It was written shortly after the passing of my mother.  At that point in my life, I felt like an orphan.  I had no father nor mother, and the title of daughter no longer applied.  Today I have a friend in my landlady, who is only slightly older than my mother would be, and even though she is not my mother, it feels good to sit and chat with her.


Who am I?

I am mother,

No longer daughter.

I am sister

to women,

to spirits like me.

I am wife,

married to life

to love,

no longer to him.

I am teacher,

Learner, seeker of knowledge.

I am friend.

I am enemy

of war,

of evil

of ignorance

I am lover

of life

of beauty

of self.

I am one person,

one  individual,

one with life…

I am ME.

©Loly Mireles