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One evening, as I sat on my sofa in the living room, I thought about all the things, thoughts, or ideas we cling to because it’s what we know, or have been lead to believe giving birth to the following…..

Ancient peoples, ancient cultures,
dying to live on.
But there is no strength,
there is no hope.
Lives live endlessly on,
dying little by little
losing hope, drop by drop.
We revel in our knowledge,
our growth in technology,
while leaving behind the knowledge
of who we were and how we came to be.
We forget our roots,
and embrace watered down cultures,
while secretly longing for that which we have lost.
It saddens me
to see us lose what once defined us.
Our children are watered down versions
of children past…
not firmly rooted in any beliefs other than their own.
We look down at other cultures
and ask ourselves,
how can they be happy when they are not as free
or as technology bound as us…
and yet…
they have what we have lost,
strong beliefs and sense of self
deeply rooted in their culture.
©Loly Mireles
March 19, 2005