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This was definitely part of a homework assignment for my English class, I remember it well. I needed to produce twelve poems, either written by me or someone else. I saw a picture, which then elicited “Empty Handed”, years, and I do mean years later, I tweaked and added to it, and this is the result. I was very pleased with it then, but moreso now.







Did you ever get the feeling?
The feeling of despair;
That if you tried to reach out,
It just wouldn’t be there?

You come up empty handed,
No matter how much you try.
Yet you keep on reaching,
Reaching for the sky.

It’s not so much the emptiness,
Nor is it the despair,
that makes you keep on trying
to make nothing out of air.

It’s the fear of never knowing,
What might’ve happened if,
One day you would’ve reached out
and realized your wish.
©Loly Mireles