I was a stay at home mom for about ten years or so, can’t remember exactly, I would need to do the math.  Nonetheless, I did things to bring in a little money here and there and so I took over my son’s paper route.  It was a little route, in the neighborhood.  During the nice weather it was always a pleasure to take an early morning walk delivering papers, and greeting some of the early risers on a weekend.  On this particular morning, the air was especially crisp, the colors vibrant, and I was thankful that it was no longer raining.  It was a beautiful walk, and I was pumped!  As soon as I arrived back home, Morning Greetings was born.


Morning Greetings

Silver drops on blades of green,

warmth upon my cheek.

Sweet sounds of nature’s beasts,

flying as they speak.


The ground is laden with gift of rain.

The sky so crisp and blue.

It is the morning after,

a day of grayness without you.


My heart is filled with gladness,

as I walk amidst your light.

I see the splendor of your gifts,

life, color, sound and sight!


©Loly Mireles ‘99