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When I wrote this, I was imagining myself in another world, perhaps I was fantasizing about an imaginary lover. I suppose that happens when your own marriage is not giving you what you need. It goes without saying, I had, have an active imagination. This poem definitely showcases that. With the advent of computers, online chatting, it was easy to imagine myself with someone new, kind of like that Piña colada song.
Another World

In another time,
in another place,
I would be thine,
and YOU would touch my face.
You would say the words,
the words I long to hear.
We would be together,
and there would be no fear.
My world would be so different
if I breathed your air.
I would look at you
and you would touch me there.
Our world is one of lovers,
bottled in a single day.
Eternity seems to last a minute,
and then it goes away.

©Loly Mireles