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As a former photographer and retouching artist, who worked at a professional photo lab, I used to see thousands upon thousands of photographs…..I became somewhat jaded at the idea of saving photographs, this of course was before the advent of digital images which take up no space other than virtual space. This musing reflects my inner frustration with the idea of saving paper photographs.

Frozen in Time

Photographs, frozen memories on paper.
Whatever for, should I keep
these frozen memories on paper
to later be discarded by some ancestor down the road?
who will remember?
the names, places and events?
Who will care?
Photographer am I,
take visual impressions
important to someone or… just me.
I love to look back,
I hate to look back
reminders of what once was
and no longer will be
captured happy moments
with sadness in between

©Loly Mireles