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On the occasion of my daughter’s graduation day, we sat at a café, across the street from the stadium. I briefly thought about her father, my former husband, and wondered if he would show up to see her graduate.


In the café,
drinking coffee.
Empty cream containers
on the table.
What to order.
Thoughts of you,
flit through my mind
on their way out,
hopefully to never
come back and
take up space
Or emotion

at the graduation…

A sea of people
Happy occasion
All alone…
with my own thoughts.
The future is bright
for her.
For me….
Undecided or unknown.
Thoughts of him
flit through my mind
Lesson learned.
Emotions On surface
Needs, desires
keep in check.
Don’t let out
absolutely necessary
or positive

©Loly Mireles
June 20, 2010