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The photograph you see up above was taken in Derry, NH, on the way to school. It was twenty minutes to seven in the morning and the mist was hovering over the golf range, ….the view was spectacular. I quickly pulled over, and let me just say that that was no easy feat as that particular road has no emergency parking. Nonetheless, I took three shots with my trusty little digital camera and off I went. I love the mist, and I wrote about how it makes me feel.


Mysterious Fog

I love the whiteness of the snow,
and when the steam rises from it.
The blackness of the trees against the mist,
gives the earth a sharp, yet ethereal look which
beckons me.  I want to crawl into the fog,
and run wild as the spirits do.
Oh nature, I want to be lost in you.

~Loly Mireles ‘99