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So here I’m sitting in my study hall class.   Attendance has been taken, and will be entered soon.  My feet are already aching in protest of once again being enclosed in shoes, flip flops are illegal in our school 😦

The room here is an old chapel, but really it looks like an old theater with high rounded ceilings.  The students are not allowed to talk, so some sit at their desks, bored out of their gourd, some study, some sleep, some actually do homework.  Believe it or not, some give me attitude…the nerve of them!  Attitude in a study class, why I’m not even making them learn anything! 

So I will be changing duties…I will be a cafeteria monitor…oh joy…the good thing is that during quarter 2, I will have no duty in recompense of doing another teacher a favor.  What this means is that next quarter, I will have back to back free periods; that’s a total of 90 minutes all to myself!!!!!! 



sitting in rows
bored, thinking,
passing notes,
quietly talking,
waiting to be freed…
from one torture
to another
where they will sit…
bored, thinking of other things,
listening to teacher,
learning or not,
passing notes
talking quietly?
waiting to be freed
from one torture
to another…
until unleashed
and they run to the buses.

~Loly Mireles 6 sept 11