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Click on the title, Rock; Ocean and you will see a photograph I took of Thunder Hole in Bar Harbor Maine. When I was there, I was completely mesmerized by its sheer rugged beauty. As I sat on the rocks, completely and totally enthralled with the interaction between the ocean and the rocks, I began to imagine a relationship between the two…a relationship as old as time.

I started to wonder, who is the male and who is the female? At first, I envisioned the Ocean as female, and the Rock as male. Then, the more I ruminated, I felt that the Ocean could be male and the Rock could be female. The entire time there, the question kept revolving in my head and I left Bar Harbor with it burning in my mind, never convinced that one could pinpoint a gender to either one or the other.

Exactly one week later, I woke up on a Sunday morning, and as I sat on my bed, I found a piece of paper and a pencil, and the thoughts and questions that had been churning all week-long, were given birth.  I named this baby Rock; Ocean  for me it’s the only answer to the question that hounded me.

What do you think? Do you think that the Ocean is female and the Rocks male, or vice versa?

Rock; Ocean

You are the rock, firm and strong.
You rise in all your rugged glory
looking out to me

I am the ocean,
sometimes turbulent,
but always soft and fluid.
I run and crash myself against you.
You the rock do not budge.
I try again,
with soften, gentler waves
that caress your hardness.
Still you do not budge.

I am the rock, you are the ocean.
I stand before you,
waiting to receive you.
You thrust yourself onto me,
leaving no crevice untouched.
I stand before you,
wet and glistening,
waiting for you…
to come to me again.

You are the rock,
you receive me openly.
I am the ocean,
I am drawn to you.

I am the rock,
powerless to resist
the force of your thrusts
as you claim me
in all your thunderous glory.

You are the ocean,
lapping at my
inner most crevices.
And I sigh….
I sigh a million sighs,
Because you are rock
and I am ocean,
never uniting,
but always tormenting ourselves.

Loly Mireles
Oct. 15, 2006