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These words are from when I was in highschool. I was such a dreamer then. I must have imagined myself in a relationship with someone I hadn’t met. Later as an adult, and with the advent of computers and on line chatting, I revisted this poem, and added more lines to it. I imagined the what ifs of an online relationship. At the time it felt real because it’s what I needed. So this piece speaks to those cravings you have when your heart isn’t being nurtured the way it should be.

Can you read between the lines?

The lines that are not there?

Magical loving words

taken as if from air.

Words we’ve never said,

thoughts we’ve never spoken.

Promises never made,

promises never broken.

And should I ever speak

the sounds of words I shouldn’t.

Look at me, but hear me not,

and pity me, for I have lost

my soul and heart in you.

~Loly Mireles ’78/’00

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