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On the occasion of my 19-year-old daughter getting her driver’s license, the last of three whom I taught to drive,  I thought about how I would never have to drive her anywhere again.  As much as I looked forward to her getting her driver’s license, I also dreaded it because she would no longer be under my watchful, protective eye, plus we’d be spending less time together. I know that others have gone before me with the very same feelings, and more will follow me, but today, it’s my turn and these are my mental streaming thoughts….

I watched her grow

I taught her to walk
I taught her to talk
She learned how to bike
I taught her that too

I drove her here
I drove her there
I drove and drove her everywhere
But I didn’t mind
As time spent together
I knew would soon be rare

But today marks the end
of having to drive
her to places
she wants to go

I won’t again hear
Can we go to the mall
More like a
see you later mom, I’m going out now

It’s a bittersweet thing,
this license to drive
you welcome and dread it
at the exact same time.

~Loly Mireles 16 sept 11