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Again, this speaks to the friendships I fomented online. You meet people online, and begin to form friendships because there sits someone on the other side, willing to listen to you and share a little bit of themselves. Indeed, it’s a virtual connection, but sometimes that’s all you need, someone you can vent to, someone who doesn’t care what you look like, or you s/he. My poem Cerebral Love speaks to falling in love with someone via online.   This poem however speaks to how fragile these kinds of friendship are even though you might feel a great connections for a while.   Sometimes you can form lasting relationships and sometimes not.  What does it take to make it last?  Have you ever met anyone online that you felt a great connection with even though you had never met them face to face?

Did I think that I had found
…a special friend in you?

That our friendship would surpass
…the test of space and time online?

We shared our thoughts, our hopes and dreams
…never thinking it would end.

But alas, as all things built on wintry snow,
…our fragile friendship has melted so.

Loly Mireles ‘00