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Once again, I was fantasizing about someone…someone with whom I worked.   I was trying to hang on to my marriage, but that didn’t stop me from becoming infatuated with someone who listened to me. Someone who was having marital problems of his own.  Isn’t that always the way, the excuse? Well nothing ever happened between the both of us, nothing except poetry…and that is what unrequited love poems are all about aren’t they?  It seems I have a lot of unrequited poems.   So tell me, how many times have you experienced this kind of emotion, this unrequited love?

When you’re high

When you are high on emotion,
do you run out of breath like I just did …
at the mere thought of you?

Does your heart feel as though
it’s going to explode
if it gets any bigger?

Do you lose all concentration,
and just sit there,
trying to think of something to say?

Do you endlessly fantasize
of the things you’d like to do
with the person of your dreams?

~Loly Mireles – 20 November 06