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I remember, more than I care to, how I came to write this entry. I was sitting with my older son, inside the court-house waiting for the judgement to begin. There are pews as uncomfortable as the ones in a church. Everyone that has business there, was coming in, sitting down and waiting. It felt like going to church. People were whispering, because you’re not supposed to talk aloud, and when the court is in session, you can’t even whisper, or the bailiff will come and kick you out. Have you ever been in this situation? How did it feel to you?


The church of Justice

The halls of justice.
Not unlike a church.
Rowed pews,
Center aisle.
No bride, no groom,
Just people sitting, waiting.
Prayer-like murmurs fill the air.
Tension building.
A robed judge priest enters.
All stand in reverence.
The atoning for sins commences.
One by one, they stand before him.
Confessing or not,
For sins admitted to or not.
What will be their fate?
Three Hail Marys, one Our Father
And an act of
contrition for good measure?
Or three months and a year with one off
For good behavior?

~L. Mireles  ‘04