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This is another one of those musings I wrote in the moment. I remember well my daughter sitting at the computer, doing whatever 12 year olds do, back 7 years ago. She sat back on her chair after pondering the question, and then she asked me “Why do some people say that love is crazy?” With her, questions like these were always cropping up; she’s a deep thinker, that one.  I can only guess that  she must have heard something being said, or someone inferring that  love is crazy.  At the time I was working for a mental health clinic, and was learning about such things, and so my answer came from my new-found knowledge of mental disorders.  It incorporated some of the clinical terms used in describing some of the symptoms that make up the disorders. 

Have you ever known anyone with a mental disorder?   Have you ever experienced any such schizophrenic feelings when in love? What do you do to help you with those symptoms that become an impediment?

Crazy Love

Why do some people say that love is crazy?
My 12-year-old daughter asked.

Quick and without hesitation I began to utter….

For some people love is chaotic;
A mixture of feelings that cannot,
will not be contained, confined,
or forced into something explicable and regimented.

When you love someone, you love them in spite of,
despite of and because of their idiosyncrasies.

Why is love crazy?
Love is crazy because sometimes
there is no rhyme or reason as to why
you love someone…other than you just do.

Love is blind.
Love makes you do weird things.
Love is schizophrenic.
It is disorganized, incoherent.
It makes you delusional,
It leaves you manic,
It can depress you.
There is no pattern to love.
Love is chaos…
in its purest form.

Why is love crazy?
Love is crazy
Because that’s what love is.

~Loly Mireles 2004