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I remember sitting on the sofa in the living room.  I looked over to my oldest son Patrick, as he sat at the computer.  I looked at him,  taking him in,  his mode of dress, the tattoos that were beginning to appear, one at a time, his gauged ears, his hair…different colors every week, and different spiky styles; and I wondered to myself, what happened to my little kid? 

Pictures on your skin,
holes in your lobes.
Clothes of your own design,
hair  …every which way
What happened to the little boy…
with the perfect skin?
The clean matched clothes,
the nicely trimmed hair?
The boy who didn’t  crawl like all the others.
Who was different…
from the start.
What happened to the boy
who screamed in pain,
when the doctors stitched his chin?
And now you pierce your skin
with needles and ink?
What happened to the kid
who wore baggy pants,
because anything else was way uncool.
Now, they are painted on tight,
seams ripping apart.
What happened to the kid
that used to go to sleep at ten?
Now you fall to sleep
only  when your body can’t stand it anymore.
What happened to the kid that was my little boy?

Loly Mireles 7/18/04

I wonder, how many of you have experienced the same exact thing as you look at your child and remember when they were little.  You look at them now, and you wonder, you can’t help but wonder….what happened to my little kid?

In the picture, the one with the blond mohawk and the one with the loin cloth are my sons back in the day.

P.S. Patrick is now 28 years old. He no longer gauges his ears, nor colors his hair. His hair is no longer long enough to spike, it’s a regular short trim. The tattoos have expanded, and the sleep, well he sleeps semi-quasi normal hours.  Mode of dress?  –Eclectic.