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At that time in my life, I was frequenting a quaint little bookstore; it was perfect. Just the right amount of books, small round tables, delicious sandwiches, hot coffee and someone who recognized you when you walked in.

Every month they would have a poetry reading. A group of people would attend, share their poetry and enjoy each others company.  Listening to them, I became encouraged to write more poetry of my own.

Unfortunately, this little bookstore/café went the way of many others competing against the big bookstores. As much as everyone loved going there, there wasn’t enough support for her to keep her doors open, and sadly she closed them.

This poem will always remind me of how special a place it was. How about you?  Do you have a special place you like to go, where you feel comfortable, and someone recognizes you when you walk in?

For Blackbird Books and Café
a now defunct quaint little bookstore and coffee shop

I love coming to this place,
to be among an eclectic bunch,
at different stages in our lives,
and life experiences galore.

I love coming to this place
to be surrounded by others,
who like me, have a need
to spill emotions out on paper.

I love coming to this place,
to listen to…..your words,
as they come alive
when your mouths give them birth.

I love savoring the
soft melodic tones of some,
and laughing at the
ingenuous humor of others.

I love being pelted by your emotions,
which leave me breathless
and wet with desire…
to write some of my own.

I love coming to this place,
to share a bit of me……with you,
and take a bit of you…..with me.

I love coming to this place.

~Loly Mireles May 22, 2004