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When you find that special someone, it’s the same as putting a puzzle together.  All those jumbled pieces finally make sense, and the picture is complete….you are complete.  Even at my age, I was able to find someone who loves me for me.  This is dedicated to the man in my life who makes me whole and sees the beauty in me.

Two Pieces of a Puzzle

I started building a puzzle,
so many years ago.
And every year I’d add a piece
to make my picture grow.
At times it seemed that I had found,
that perfect elusive piece.
and when I’d realize that I was wrong,
Again I’d start to seek.
One day when I was looking
to fill an empty spot.
I came across a special piece
that filled my heart with love.

I have found in you,
the colors that I seek.
You are the missing piece
that makes my life complete.
You fill for me an empty space,
in the puzzle of which I speak.
You help me see things clearly;
you make me strong, not weak.

Two pieces of a puzzle,
forever you and I,
shall help each other always
in our venture to complete,
this lifelong puzzle made by God,
puzzling piece by piece.

~Loly Mireles