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Divorce is never easy, nor idyllic. It’s not easy on the divorcing couple and it’s not easy on the children. This was written to my daughter as a response to what she was going through when her father did something that angered her.


I feel your anger and I was angry too,
but I was angry because he did this in front of you.

Anger is an ugly thing
…to see
……to feel
………to hear

That is why I say to you
it’s ok to be angry
but then…
just let it go
Let it go because
anger is an ugly thing
to see…to feel…to hear.
It is the type of emotion
that breeds within itself.

It grows strong if you feed it.
So when you get angry
get determined…
set out to do your best
lay those angry emotions to rest
Don’t let them control you
or tell you how to act

Your father is your father
for better or worse
in sickness or health
Maybe someday he’ll see the pain he’s caused you
and maybe he won’t
The good thing is that you’ll still be you
as long as you don’t let anger eat you alive.

I love you baby…

tu mamá
July 25, 2010