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I wrote this back in 2000, but in 2009, when I finally had the courage to start my new life, my words had more meaning behind them.   Everything I had written nine years prior, still held true, but with a vengeance now.  I wonder how many of you are waiting for the right time to do what you must?


It finally hit me.
As sure as I’m sitting here,
…in my van, watching the snowfall,
I realized that I am meant to have more than one life.
Everything I do,
all my choices…
lead me to a different life.
I am seeking, I know not what.
All I know is that I cannot help wanting more…
there is always more…
to do, to learn, to know, to live.
I am not a complacent soul,
content to sit in one spot.
I am a dandelion seed in the air…
falling wherever the wind takes me,
taking root, flowering, going to seed…
picked up by some unknown entity
and blown into the wind again.
Like the dandelion,
I am wild,
not delicate in nature,
but hardy,
and forever moving on.

~ Loly Mireles 12/30/00