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I wrote this piece during the time I worked for a mental health clinic.  The slender young girl was one of my clients.  She was young, blond, and pretty.  She didn’t know where life was taking her and she continually made wrong choices.  She was living in a woman’s shelter, and every night she’d go out, would get so drunk that she wouldn’t remember how she got home.  Because of the cutting, she’d end up in the hospital, but always managed to talk her way out of  being placed in psych ward.

She was a bright young lady, who wrote really well.  I encouraged her to continue writing.  I also encouraged her to find focus, go back to school, do something that would give her meaningful purpose.  It’s been around eight years now and my oldest son, the What happened to the little kid one, met her one night and she recognized his last name.  She sent me her regards.  I was happy to learn that she straightened out her life, and she impart credited it to me.  She continues writing she said and is now a hairdresser.  

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The slender young girl
with the short blond hair,
Forgets who she is
every night with the help
of the cool golden taste
from a bottle.
She drinks to excess
has companions galore
ends up home
she doesn’t know how.

The slender young girl
with the short blonde hair
feels really good
every night with the help
from some round little pills
in a bottle
she swallows them whole
then screams at the walls,
and bangs on the doors
looking for she knows not what.

The slender young girl
with the short blonde hair
cuts up her arms
and bleeds on the floor
in an effort to change
she knows not what.
She talks herself outta
the hospital room
and vows not
to do it again.

The slender young girl
with the short blonde hair
cries when she learns
that living inside her
is baby with nary
a father.
She visits the place
where choices are made
and sleeps til it
all goes away.

The life of this girl
is an endless song
neither right nor wrong
just mixed up and long
“I’m not so bad”
she says to herself.
“I’m too young to be
like the others.”
Yea she’s slender and young
and her hair is blonde,
like all of her things from a bottle.

~Loly Mireles 2004

Have you changed your life after a string of continuous bad choices?