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This piece is self-explanatory. After having left my husband of 30 years, I began my new life. While I had no regrets, there were times when I thought about what I was used to and no longer was a part of my life.  Even though I left him, some part of me still grieved at the loss of a relationship that I had worked so hard to build, and to maintain.


It’s a process.
The first time for anything without him…
What I’m used to
what I know
what I liked
what I felt
…is no longer
It is no longer,
by choice,
MY choice
and my choice was good,
but it’s different now…
It changes everything.
Everything I do,
everything I’ve felt,
and have come to know.
For better or worse, it has changed.
I have to learn to live again…
to live differently,
to live without him.
I have to learn to live with my decision.
It’s a process,
it will be a slow process.
each step along the way,
will be one of self-discovery
I will learn to live again on my own,
to let go,
to enjoy.
In the meantime,
I will have to get used to
the tears,
to the emotions that inundate me
as I move on without him.

~Loly Mireles July 22, 2009