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I’m in the senior café now, it’s my new duty instead of study hall.  Normally I don’t crave what the students are eating, but today, it’s raining hard outside, and inside the smells are just the smells of that greasy comfort food that taste so good but is bad for you. That’s where I’m at now…….I’m hungry.

Outside it’s raining
It’s raining steady and with purpose.
Inside, the smells of fries,
burgers and ketchup
fill the air.
It’s the kind of smell you can almost taste.
You envision that first greasy bite of the fries,
followed by the juiciness of the burger
with cheese…mmm
I walk past the students’ tables.
I see it on their plates…
they dip their fries in the ketchup,
laughing, talking…
ignorant of the battle
that is raging on in my head and stomach
I want it…
Can you tell?
I’m hungry!

~Loly M.  4 October 11

Don’t you just hate being hungry and being around smells of that greasy comfort food?