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It was open house today. I teach high school students. I love my profession. I had much positive feedback and ONE, there’s always one, accusatory parent….sigh….

It’s been a long day today
shortened class days
students go home
parents come to school
Open house
Hello, pleased to meet you
your child is wonderful!
positive thinking
is always good…
it helps when the parents
are not.
“I don’t understand
why they don’t like Spanish
as much THIS year”

they like to say in
an underhanded accusatory way.
“a “C” is just not good enough.”
Hmmmm, I think a “C” is good enough
when they aren’t doing their work
to the best of their ability.
It’s actually just fine…
Finally, last pleasant parent goes away,
and I get to go home.
7am to 7pm
it’s a long day
Glad to be home.
It’s jeans day tomorrow!!!

~L. Mireles 06 october 11