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This was written as I thought about how easily we discard such items, just because we don’t need them, or find them useful anymore. Am I guilty of doing this? “yes” I say as I hang my head down low.  In particular, I discarded how to books that seemed outdated and no longer necessary due to new technology. Books that over a period of years, I had accumulated because they were free, or maybe I had even bought them. 

How many books have you discarded?  Do you give them away? Donate them so as not to feel guilty…as I have?

The Book

How sad
to look at a book,
and justifyingly say,
as it’s being tossed out…
“the information contained within
is no longer useful … it’s outdated … and
of no particular interest to me — it’s old.”
In my youth … perhaps,
I would easily discard an item
with such a description.
But now… in youth no longer … and
a few decades closer to expiration date,
I cannot.
I cannot discard such an item without wondering
whether some day, someone
will say…about ME,
“The information she contains, is no longer useful,
it’s outdated, and of no particular interest — she’s old.”
Will I be discarded?
Left by the wayside,
brought to a dump of a nursing home as it were,
to quell those feelings of guilt?
Or will I be cherished lovingly — to be taken care of
because what is contained within
is irreplaceable, unique,
and the last one of  its kind?

~L. Mireles  28 Feb 05