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This was born out of annoyance with my former husband for the reasons stated.   

Real Men don’t…

I finally decided
to no longer share
poems written by others with my husband.
I may find them amusing, inspiring…
and yes,  sometimes even romantic  “sigh”…
but all I get
is the  same blank look reaction
from him.
The groans…
the utter boredom…
as he stands there
politely — sometimes
yawningly  listening
to a poem that
I felt compelled to share…
“I’ll give YOU a poem”
he says to me…
only too willing
to recite his favorite limerick.
At which point
I look at him,
roll my eyes and groan.
One man’s treasure—
Real men don’t eat poems…

~L. Mireles ’05

I now have in my life, someone who enjoys writing as much as I do; someone who appreciates the writings of others as well.  I’m a lucky gal.  How about you?  Do you share your interests with your significant other?