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Took my daughter for a hike through Pack Monadnock. As we were walking through, these were my visual impressions and feelings as I observed nature.

Trees, leaves, rocks…

Fallen trees,
dried leaves,
weathered rocks.
A cycle of life.

A seedling grows
it ages.

Trees grow…
leaves sprout, dry, fall, scatter,
layer upon layer of layer of leaves.

Trees fall,
rocks tumble,
life has a season.

But trees and leaves,
have no feeling…
even though, they have life.

As humans, we have a season,
we have cycles…
we have feelings.
we cry, we moan, we sigh.

We fall, get broken –we scatter
we die.
we are born again, we have hope
we grow strong, we move on
and the cycle
begins again.

~L. Mireles    April ’06