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As I was responding to Worry, by lscotthoughts, I thought this would make a good entry, because who has not become worried or become anxious at some point in their life?

I remember in particular, one event where I thought that something bad had happened to my daughter and my then husband. The more I worried, the more anxious I became. By bad luck and coincidence, a detective appeared at my house right at the point where I was ready to breakdown. At the moment he introduced himself as Detective such and such….I lost it. I began to cry and blurt out incoherently. The detective said he was not there for the reason I thought, and excused himself saying he’d come back at a more convenient time. After he left, father and daughter showed up at the house, and everything righted itself.  The detective never returned.

A few years later, my sons, the oldest who was 19 and the youngest who was 3 years younger, left with their band to go on tour as far down as Louisiana, and as far north as Indiana. The one thing that got me through this without worrying every second, every minute of the day was a quote I had heard in the movie “Seven years in Tibet”.

If the problem cannot be solved, worrying will do no good.
If the problem can be solved, then there is no need to worry.
……………………………………………..– Dalai Lama

So whenever I become worried and anxious, I ask myself, “Is this a problem I can or cannot solve?”  Once answered, it puts everything into perspective for me.

How about you?  What helps you in times of worry and anxiety?  What do you do, how do you convince yourself to relax and calm down?