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As the class begins,
and I use the term loosely
she asks me, with a bright pixish
smile on her face
“Can I go have my picture re-taken?
They said they would be available
for all classes, so I can go now.”

To which I responded, “No,
class is about to start.”
She looks at me as though I had
just slapped her in the face.
“I don’t see why not”
“Well” I began… “when do you
have lunch?”
“I have it “E” period” she retorts.
Raised eyebrow me…“and you didn’t think
to go then, the period before our class?”
Insulted she responds….”of course not, that’s my lunch”
“Why then” I asked “did you not go during your English class?”
Huffing she responds “Because they are taking
the pictures here in the Shepard building, and English
is all across campus!”

Incredulously I commented “I see, so it’s better to miss my class,
than miss lunch.”
To which she replied, “It’s not like it would take that long”
The audacity that she would think that missing my
class was more acceptable than missing lunch
just so that she could go have her sweet little
innocent cutie pie face photographed,
just to prove that she’s in high-school.
Whose child is this?

~L. Mireles 27 Oct 2011