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So here I sit, getting close to the end of my day. A Friday, a payday, and a jeans day. Can it get better than this? Sure it can, I can go home, and I did. Be greeted by my best friend and companion, and I was. Sit down to a delicious dinner made by him, and we did. Go shopping together, try on some clothes, have him compliment me on what I tried on. Move on to Godiva, where I work part-time, buy some chocolate at a discount…mmmm, walk around the mall hand in hand, and just hang together. As I’m doing all of this, I begin to realize that in my former life, I didn’t have this, and now I do, and for that I’m very grateful. Isn’t it wonderful to have someone in your life that loves you, the look of you, and all that you are, and you he? If you have someone like this in your life, turn to him or her and give them a hug and a kiss for no reason other than you are grateful they exist in your life. I do it every day.