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On Saturday, October 29, we lost power late in the evening.   No problem, I’ve got candles, flashlights, and we still have running water.  Bellies were fed, and chocolate was still available.  We went to sleep, all bundled up, and cozy in our “alternative” down comforter.

Sunday morning, still no electricity.  No coffee, no breakfast, and lots of wet, heavy, and slushy snow.  First things first, driveways must be shoveled…done…and now to the food…hmmm…where to go?  So we get in the car and drive towards somewhere that is not jammed with people under the same predicament.  Oooh I’ve got an idea…. Tacos Colima a little known family Mexican restaurant that we love frequenting…..who cares if they don’t serve breakfast, they serve coffee and it’s food.  So we went there, ordered up some coffee and churros –a nice little breakfast appetizer, and then proceeded to have lunch…mmm tacos.

Back home, still no power, I sit and grade, or sit and nap under covers in the living room.  Dinner time comes, now where to go?   Found a place, not crowded at all, lucky us, had dinner, stopped in for Dunkin donuts coffee, and back home.   Candles, candles everywhere.  We sit and chat, and dream.  Off to bed we go to dream of warm inviting dreams.

Monday morning, October 31, still no power, no school, thankfully, much to get caught up on.  Off we go to find a short line to Dunkin Donuts, order breakfast and coffee, go home and then back out we go to find  Wi-Fi.  So here I sit, not at Barnes and Noble, not at Panera’s, but at the public library.  We’ve been here the better part of four hours, grading, and now on internet.  We’re warm here, but when we go home, it’s back to cold.  So why leave, well we have to eat, but do we come back afterwards, and close down the joint?

It’s hard to imagine what our world would be like without any power at all for everyone.  So I am thankful for what we do have.

How was your weekend?