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Tuesday, November 1, 2011, started off like the previous two. No power and no heat. The day however turned out to be a beautiful day, full of sunshine, blue skies, and enough sun to continue melting the snow. Again no school for me today, for which I am grateful, as I was not prepared. Off to breakfast we went, run errands that would be reserved for a weekend and some organizing and refrigerator cleaning, as things were beginning to lose their appeal in there. Once my man was off to his job interview, I got down to cleaning the bathroom, the porch and part of a floor. I then got myself decent looking enough to brave the mall, where I took advantage of some sales, discounts, dollars off and warmth. I came back home to a house with electricity running through it once more…yeah!!!!

Every time we lose power, I am always grateful for the little things we do that require electricity….the very same things that are a chore  –washing clothes and vacuuming. Now that the lights are back on, I’ll begin to cook, start a load of laundry, and be happy about it.

~L. Mireles 11/1/11