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When life throws a little hiccup your way, just to remind you to be grateful for your life as it is.

it’s good
sometimes ok
you’re my son
you’re not ok
you laugh
for no reason
except in your head
you come to my house
because there’s no
food where you are
your father
not sure
how he’s doing
you and he
are you ok
you live
but your life
is not good
I’m your mother
I want
what’s normal
for you
you come to
my house
you eat my food
and I’m glad
that you’re fed
but I don’t like
the thoughts
that run
through your head
I can’t change
who you are
I can cry
at your
lost in your
my mind
in a swirl
I’m your mother
but I can’t change
your condition
you’re a man
with choices
I can’t change
who you are
as much as I’d
want to see
you improve
I need to
accept the
fact as it is
and the fact
is that
life continues
to move on
its own
and we need
to get moving
or stand alone

~L. Mireles
9 November 2011