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For today’s prompt, write an excess poem. In today’s culture, there seems to be an excess of excess–even with the state of economy. From an excess of advertisements and political posturing to an excess of electronic gadgets and debt, there’s an excessive number of ways to attack today’s prompt.

In excess

Everywhere I go
I see them
being touched
being coddled
being poked
being spoken into

I’m in the car
I see drivers texting
I’m at school
I see students texting
I’m in a meeting,
I see colleagues texting

People talking to themselves
oh no wait…
they’re not delusional
they have headsets
or bluetooths
in their ear

Cell phones
communication gadgets
where would we be
without them

Can’t get away
from the
cell phone craze

~L. Mireles
12 November 2011