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A special day is coming
it’s my special day…
the day I was born.
I’m excited
for no particular reason
other than to be able to
say that on this day,
the 18th of November
I came into the this world.
Who would have thought
that I, little old me
would have an impact on
anyone’s life
and yet I did…
one woman’s regret
another couple’s
treasure, adopted
am I, chosen to live
now there are three more
beings in this world
because of me!
I celebrate
this day because
I love life and
I am thankful
for all the
goodness contained within.
I thank the Universe
for all
that I have received
I have love,
I have health,
I have happiness

and I look forward to
receiving more.
The overflow
can spill out
touching everyone
that comes near me.
Happy Birthday ME!

~L. Mireles
16 November 2011