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This is a compilation of Black Friday advice from Black Friday veterans.

For starters:
Get plenty of sleep
bring your own espresso maker
get a sleeping bag
pack a lunch
have a plan
take public transit
wear proper footwear…
…steel toes for kicking shins
…stilettos for stomping

while you’re there:
tether yourselves
stay in formation
hold on to the belt loop of your partner
play Marco Polo if you do get lost
walk with your elbows out so you can move people out-of-the-way
look for the pockets in the crowd
beware of old ladies

bring your own knife to cut open wrapped pallets
camp out by the employee door to wait for new items being brought out

And now, let’s take a moment to remember the fallen and trampled ones in search of the best door buster deal.

~L. Mireles  24 November 2011