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I love my summer days, of waking up late at my leisure.  But during the week, my husband works and it leaves me to wake up alone, and it’s just not as much fun as when we wake up together on the weekends.

Lazying around in bed

is just not as much fun

without you by my side.

No one to talk to,

No one to touch or caress.

No one to play our little

love games with.

Yea, lazying around in bed

feels good  …for a while,

then it becomes boring

because you’re not here,

making me laugh,

making me feel pretty and sexy,

making me feel good

on the inside

and on the outside.

Lazying around in bed is good,

but it’s much more delicious

when you are here…

being lazy in bed with me.


Loly M.

July 15, 2014