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Today I am alone,

but not in a bad way…

no one is home,

husband is at his new job,

daughter is at hers.

My company…

is my music.

Breakfast is done,

dishes are clean,

counter-top is clean,

did I mention that I LOVE my counter-top?

it is made of quartz,

the color is perfect.

Did I mention that I LOVE my new home?

When we walked into the house

on that open house day,

I immediately felt an affinity for it.

There was nothing I did not like about this house.

This house was made for me…

it’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for me.

It has character.

It’s classic.

All our old stuff found a place in our new home.

Nothing seemed out of place,

everything fit perfectly somewhere,

and slowly but surely

we are doing the little things, or big

that is making this house better

and more of our own.

We will take care of this home,

as we are only the stewards.

Some day in the future,

this home will make another family

as happy as we are,

until that day,

I will care for my home,

love it and cherish it.


Loly Mireles

July 14, 2016


How do you feel about your home?  Do you love it?  Is it HOME?