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In less than a year, two of my beloved aunts and uncle passed away.  They were the last of the older generation.  In speaking to my cousin, and hearing what he was going through as he culled through a lifetime of possessions, I remembered what it was like for me when my dad, then my mom passed away.  They were gone, but left behind was everything they had once owned.

Going through all their personal belongings makes you say goodbye again and again.  You remember all the little things; like how your mom always saved special dishes for the “right occasion” or your dad had more than enough ties that were never used.  Then you find the little mementos that were important to them, like your baby tooth, or your report cards.

When a loved one dies, you don’t say goodbye once.

The hardest part

of saying goodbye

to a loved one

is saying it over and over again.

Everything that ever was them,


you say goodbye  to again.

You say goodbye again as you hold it in your hands,

and remember how they once were.


has a way of softening

the hard edges of pain.

Leaving soft images of what once was.

What is left,

are indelible memories

In your heart.

Loly Mireles

August 2017