She wasn’t my mom,

but in many ways,

she was like my mom.

She was also my friend.20170227_115727_14882147945763

Sadly, she’s gone now,

but at peace.

She wasn’t suffering,

She was ready.

One hundred years

Is a lifetime

A life fully lived.

Full of laughter, love, and heartbreaks.

The heartbreaks never stopped Therese,

She always moved forward,

Enjoyed life and did for others.

To understand Therese

Is to know that she came from an era

that always did the best with what they had.

And she did.

She had everything she needed and wanted.

She didn’t drive,

But that never stopped her from going places.

Therese was never one to stand still,

She was always moving, doing and thinking…

She was a powerhouse, she was independent.

Therese loved life, people, family, and friends.

She was smart, she had opinions,

and she wasn’t afraid to let you know them.

Women like Therese are few and far between

And I am thankful that she came into my life.

I will always remember her motto…

“Live life, go places, see things”.

You will be missed, but you are with your loved ones now,

And I’ll never forget you.

Loly Mireles

July 30, 2018