Motherhood…Our Common Bond


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Motherhood is the one common bond we women have. Whether you gave birth to a child or raised one, we know what it means to hold that precious baby in our arms. Our bodies stand testament to all we do for our children.

For some our bellies grew and stretched as our babies grew inside.

Our ears hear their laughter, their cries or complaints; they hear them peacefully breathe.

Our eyes see everything they do; they are witness to their growth.

Our lips shower them with kisses, and through them words of encouragement or admonishment pass.

Our chest provides comfort and solace as we hold them in our arms. It swells with pride when they are witness to their accomplishments.

Our arms hold and hug our children lovingly when they are sleeping, crying or they just need to be held.

Our fingers braid or comb their hair, remove smudges from their faces; tickle and caress their sweet little bodies.

And our legs support us through all the things we do for our children. Whether it’s walking alongside them or it’s chasing them, our legs are there providing the foundation for all the other integral parts of our body.

Indeed our entire body is a witness to our children’s lives. As mothers we all share the same feelings and emotions that come with raising children. We know the joys, and the heartaches; the contentment and disappointments; the pride and humility. Motherhood is our common bond, regardless of our place in the world, or the color of our skin.

So on this special day, I say to all of you wonderful women who are mothers….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Loly Mireles

May 10, 2015


Sexual Ride



Ahhh how delicious it is when you fall in love.

I love being in your arms
tracing my fingers
up and down them
kissing you
like molasses
being dripped
over your lips
the sweetness
drop by drop
kiss by kiss
the languorous
delicious feeling
that envelops me
as you hold me
in your arms
accented by the mental
verbal foreplay
followed by
the urgent kissing
biting of lips and neck
the revealing of
two eager participants
crying out for attention
only too willing
to comply
to the soft
suckling kisses
that send notice
to another part
of my body…awakening her
the last
but oh so necessary participant
in this joyous sexual ride.

Loly Mireles
August 17, 2010

Living on the outside of life



I have a son.  He’s homeless.  He has a mental disorder, but one that could be managed.  He’s chosen a life that I cannot fathom.  As a mother, I feed him when he shows up on my doorstep.  On frigidly cold days I wonder where he is.

It’s cold,
it’s freezing,
he’s homeless.
Where is he?
I wonder
where people go
when there is no place
to call home.
Is the street,
under stairs,
inside a building…
His mind
to not see
not care.
There’s nothing
I can do,
not even
that person
is my son,
on the outside
of life,
not caring.
He’s free
to do
as he wants.
But still I think,
it’s cold,
it’s freezing,
he’s homeless…
where is he?
Under stairs,
in buildings?
Does it matter?
When your son
to not seek help
What can you do?
Except think…
it’s cold
it’s freezing
I hope
you find shelter.


Loly M.

January 2, 2015


Lazying in Bed


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I love my summer days, of waking up late at my leisure.  But during the week, my husband works and it leaves me to wake up alone, and it’s just not as much fun as when we wake up together on the weekends.

Lazying around in bed

is just not as much fun

without you by my side.

No one to talk to,

No one to touch or caress.

No one to play our little

love games with.

Yea, lazying around in bed

feels good  …for a while,

then it becomes boring

because you’re not here,

making me laugh,

making me feel pretty and sexy,

making me feel good

on the inside

and on the outside.

Lazying around in bed is good,

but it’s much more delicious

when you are here…

being lazy in bed with me.


Loly M.

July 15, 2014

A daughter at last


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On the eve of my daughter’s graduation from college, I thought about that first night that I held her in my arms as I sat on my living room sofa. I was incredulous, and extremely grateful that after two sons, I finally had the daughter I had wished for.  I thought about her journey as a little girl, those delightful moments forever ingrained in my head.  I remembered the anxiety ridden teen years.  Now she is a grown young woman, learning about life and its many paths.
A daughter at last

Baby girl
in my arms
wishes come true
happy am I.

Little girl
sweet as can be
easy going
smiling silly girl
dressed in mommy’s shoes.

Teenage girl
timid, shy,
anxious thoughts
dreams in her head
lost in a fantasy.

Young woman
learning to cope
experiencing life
in short little bits
dreaming about.
things to be

Loly M.
May 18, 2014