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On the eve of my daughter’s graduation from college, I thought about that first night that I held her in my arms as I sat on my living room sofa. I was incredulous, and extremely grateful that after two sons, I finally had the daughter I had wished for.  I thought about her journey as a little girl, those delightful moments forever ingrained in my head.  I remembered the anxiety ridden teen years.  Now she is a grown young woman, learning about life and its many paths.
A daughter at last

Baby girl
in my arms
wishes come true
happy am I.

Little girl
sweet as can be
easy going
smiling silly girl
dressed in mommy’s shoes.

Teenage girl
timid, shy,
anxious thoughts
dreams in her head
lost in a fantasy.

Young woman
learning to cope
experiencing life
in short little bits
dreaming about.
things to be

Loly M.
May 18, 2014